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SDCA supports mission work among the hearing impaired in South America through the work of Deaf Missions International. Many children in Columbia who are deaf are abandoned by their families and live as orphans. DMI shares the message of a loving Creator and Savior while providing for the physical needs and education for the deaf and hearing impaired. 

Deaf Missions International

Deaf Missions International provides deaf children and adults access to Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health via the following programs:

Mission Camp Service

  • Provides Counseling sessions to relieve deaf individuals integrate into local communities.
  • Provides spiritual growth through understanding of the Holy Scriptures in their own language

Mission Food Service

  • Provides meals for mental and physical health to homeless and unemployed deaf including their children.

Mission Food Service Projects

  • Provide food to the deaf at factory prices
  • Provides a source of income to unemployed deaf individuals
  • Help meets the cost of the Food Service Program

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