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SDCA supports the Hope Resource Center [HRC], "a life-affirming ministry that impacts and transforms people with the love of Jesus Christ." HRC provides testing for pregnancy, STD/STI, parenting programs, pregnancy options counseling, and abortion-recovery counseling.

Hope Resource Center

What HRC does for Knoxville and surrounding communities...

  • Licensed, advanced-practice nurses provide services in the medical clinic at Hope Resource Center. Local physicians serving on our medical advisory board oversee the care of our clients and regularly review our protocols and procedures.
  • Women in unplanned pregnancies receive a prenatal consultation and an initial ultrasound. Ultrasound is often a key factor in a woman's choice to carry her baby. Clients are provided with a prescription and starter pack of prenatal vitamins (when samples are available). Every woman is provided with referrals for ongoing prenatal care.
  • Students referred from our abstinence education programs may be tested for sexually transmitted disease (STD). They are offered screening and treatment for a variety of conditions. Clients diagnosed with STDs that are not treatable are provided with a referral for ongoing disease management.


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