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SDCA supports the efforts of Kardias Ministries, including mission work in India with both the Gampala Family Minsitries and Shabnam Resources in Chennai. Kardias has a special mission calling to provide support and comfort to widows and orphans in the name of the Messiah."

Kardias Ministries - Gampala Family

Near the city of Kakinada, India, there is a small family of Christians who are giving their lives daily to preach the word of God to an idolatrous society. Mostly they are tolerated, but at the whim of the majority Hindu population persecutions are possible. In spite of the risks the Gampalas press on; they will not be deterred from their mission of serving the people in their community and preaching the good news of the kingdom of God.

Today, the three congregations have about 80 converts, and as the Lord blesses them they are growing all the time. But they need help to preach the Word of God more effectively to the people in surrounding areas.



Kardias Ministries - Chennai (Madras) Orphanage

In Chennai (aka Madras), India, there is a man named Michael R. Hubert who has a big heart, and big dreams. That is why he created a non-profit group called in the Indian tongue, SHABNAM, which means "latter rain"

The population of the orphanage and school has grown to include more than 70 students, plus teachers who give their lives to serve these children. But the rented building that houses the orphanage and school hasn't grown, and is woefully inadequate for the needs. That is why Hubert has put together the a plan for a new facility for the children.

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