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Title / Link
9/6/2008 Wade Johnson A Calling of a Higher Order
11/05/2005 Ken Swiger A Closer Walk, Not Religion
08/06/2005 Ken Swiger A Life that God Rewards
06/04/2005 Ken Swiger A Rose is a Rose
01/08/2005 Ken Swiger A Year to Build
1/10/2009 Ken Swiger All Things New
11/13/2004 Patrick Hinds Applicable Today?!
1/17/2004 David Truan Are We Ready?
02/02/2008 David Truan Are We Serious?
9/22/2007 Glen Leslie Atonement 2007
10/9/2008 Ken Swiger Atonement 2008
10/2/2006 Ken Swiger Atonement 2006
03/04/2006 Ken Swiger Attitudes
4/20/2008 Ken Swiger B.R.E.A.D.
7/12/2003 Ken Swiger Balaam
12/13/2008 Ken Swiger Best Dressed
4/4/2009 Wade Johnson Betrayal and Arrest
09/03/2005 Ken Swiger Boundaries
12/22/2007 David Truan Breaking Up With God
4/3/2004 Patrick Hinds Bringing up Children in the Lord
1/24/2009 Ken Swiger Calm in a Storm
11/18/2006 Guy Swenson Camp Outreach
11/29/2008 Wade Johnson Challenges
2/18/2006 David Truan Character
12/13/2003 Patrick Hinds Children
7/1/2006 David Truan Choices
12/6/2003 David Truan Confidence
10/6/2003 Ken Swiger Day of Atonement
10/13/2005 Ken Swiger Day of Atonement 2005
6/5/2004 Ken Swiger Death
11/22/2008 Ken Swiger Defending Traditional Marriage
11/17/2007 Ken Swiger Different is Good
9/11/2004 Ken Swiger Do We Have a Part in the System?
5/2/2009 Wade Johnson Don't Give Up
3/15/2008 David Truan Duty
11/06/2004 David Truan Election Aftermath
7/18/2009 Ken Swiger Encouragement
2/21/2009 Wade Johnson Encouragement
12/18/2004 Patrick Hinds Encouragement in God's Word
8/29/2009 David Truan Enlightenment
4/1/2006 David Truan Examination & Avoidance
8/8/2009 David Truan The Example of Jehoshaphat
5/10/2008 Ken Swiger Examples of Mothers
7/7/2007 Wade Johnson Facing Lions
12/15/2007 Wade Johnson Faith
06/18/2005 Ken Swiger Fathers
06/17/2006 Ken Swiger Fathers Day and Our Duty
9/13/2008 Ken Swiger Fear Not (forthcoming)
10/04/2005 Patrick Hinds Feast of Trumpets 2005
4/6/2004 Ken Swiger Feast of Unleavened Bread - Day 1
4/19/2006 Ken Swiger First Fruits Coming
4/17/2003 Ken Swiger First Holy Day - Unleavened Bread
12/8/2007 Ken Swiger Foot in Mouth Disease
2/28/2004 Patrick Hinds Gay Marriage - Just a Symptom
Ken Swiger
9/4/2004 Ken Swiger God has Faith in Us
7/12/2008 Ken Swiger God Is a Farmer
3/10/2007 Jim O'Brien God Makes History
11/19/2005 Patrick Hinds God's Justice versus Man's Injustice
07/23/2005 Ken Swiger Good News
09/24/2005 Ken Swiger H20
2/9/2008 David Truan Help Our Unbelief
10/28/2006 Ken Swiger Hidden in Plain View
8/15/2009 Ken Swiger Homecoming
8/16/2003 Ken Swiger Homosexuality
12/24/2005 David Truan Hope
4/25/2009 Ken Swiger House and Home
10/27/2007 Ken Swiger In Its Season
5/16/2009 Ken Swiger Islam and the End Times - Part 1
5/23/2009 Ken Swiger Islam and the End Times - Part 2
6/26/2004 Patrick Hinds It's Not About Luck
7/17/2004 David Truan It's Not About the Money
12/23/2006 David Truan It's That Time of Year
4/21/2007 Wade Johnson James
12/21/2002 David Truan Jesus
04/02/2005 Ken Swiger Josiah's Passover
4/28/2007 Ken Swiger Joy-Full
5/17/2008 Wade Johnson Keep the Fire Burning
6/12/2004 David Truan Keep Your Wedding Garments White
6/23/2007 Ken Swiger Keeping the Faith
6/25/2005 Ken Swiger Know, Grow, Show & Glow
4/9/2007 David Truan Last Day of Unleavened Bread
4/5/2003 David Truan Law of God
9/5/2009 Phil McCollum Lessons from Nehemiah
8/11/2007 Glen Leslie Lessons from Samuel
3/17/2007 Wade Johnson Letters to Timothy
4/11/2009 Jim O'Brien Liberty
7/4/2009 David Truan Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
5/21/2005 Ken Swiger Little Eye, Little Ears, Big Responsibilities
2/19/2005 Ken Swiger Looking Forward
4/12/2008 Ken Swiger Love Growing Cold
7/21/2007 David Truan Loyalty
1/26/2008 Wade Johnson Maintain Your Fields
10/20/2007 Wade Johnson Maintaining a Relationship
With our Heavenly Father
8/30/2008 Ken Swiger Making a Difference
Ken Swiger
6/24/2006 Glen Leslie Manners
8/26/2006 Ken Swiger Marriage
12/27/2003 Ken Swiger Mary Christmas
10/11/2008 Wade Johnson Master the Tempest Is Raging
5/5/2007 Glen Leslie Meekness
6/6/2009 Wade Johnson Ministry of Messiah
03/19/2005 Ken Swiger Mystery Man
07/09/2005 Ken Swiger New Moons & Sabbaths
07/30/2005 Patrick Hinds New Testament Order
3/8/2008 Wade Johnson No Invisible Means
11/26/2005 Ken Swiger Order of Commandments
06/19/2005 David Truan Pentecost
06/04/2006 Ken Swiger Pentecost - Old and New Testament
6/5/2007 David Truan Pentecost 2007
8/19/2006 David Truan Perspectives: Eternal Life and Hummingbirds
12/31/2005 Ken Swiger Planning
9/20/2008 Ken Swiger Playing Church
11/25/2006 David Truan Post Thanksgiving
04/22/2006 Wade Johnson Prayer Part II
6/10/2006 Wade Johnson Prayer Part III
3/18/2006 Wade Johnson Prayer Part I
6/29/2006 Wade Johnson Prayer Part IV
Great Prayers and Great Prayers
9/30/2006 Wade Johnson Prayer Part V
12/2/2006 Wade Johnson Prayer Part VI
Intercessory Prayer
4/12/2003 Patrick Hinds Preparation for Passover
04/16/2005 Ken Swiger Preparing for Passover
3/27/2004 David Truan Preparing for Passover
12/9/2006 Ken Swiger Proclaiming the Kingdom
05/14/2005 David Truan Putting Up a Screwdriver
01/14/2006 David Truan Quarantine
01/13/2007 David Truan Reality
2/21/2004 David Truan Reality Check
07/16/2005 David Truan Reminders & Looking Ahead
12/16/2006 Glen Leslie Repentance
6/15/2006 Ken Swiger Resurrection
02/12/2005 Patrick Hinds Retirement Planning
2/17/2007 Ken Swiger Revisionist Religion
6/16/2006 Ken Swiger Ruth and Redemption
6/27/2009 Ken Swiger Satan
9/1/2007 Ken Swiger Scrubbing for Jesus
7/3/2004 Ken Swiger Separation of Church & State
6/6/2007 Ken Swiger Seven Voices of the Messiah
6/14/2008 Wade Johnson Sevens
06/03/2006 David Truan Sifting
2/7/2009 David Truan Silence Part 1
3/21/2009 David Truan Silence Part 2
3/03/2007 David Truan Simplicity
09/17/2005 David Truan Sin
3/24/2007 Glen Leslie Slaying Giants
5/1/2004 Ken Swiger Song of Moses
8/12/2006 Glen Leslie Spiritually Transmitted Diseases
12/27/2008 David Truan Standing in the Gap
1/27/2007 Ken Swiger Stronger than Dirt
3/7/2009 Ken Swiger Take Heart
8/21/2004 David Truan Taking God's Name in Vain
11/20/2004 Ken Swiger Thanksgiving
11/22/2003 Ken Swiger Thanksgiving
6/28/2008 David Truan The Church
5/30/2004 Ken Swiger The Day of Pentecost
4/19/2008 Wade Johnson The Death of the Messiah
7/11/2009 Wade Johnson The Early Church, The First 25 Years
04/24/2005 Ken Swiger The Feast of Unleavened Bread
05/07/2005 Ken Swiger The Influence of a Godly Mother
05/28/2005 Patrick Hinds The Jubilee
4/26/2008 David Truan The Last Day of
Unleavened Bread 2008
4/8/2007 Ken Swiger The Message to Sardis
03/05/2005 Ken Swiger The Nature of God - Family
02/26/2005 Ken Swiger The Nature of God - Holy Spirit
4/17/2004 David Truan The Ostrich Syndrome
6/21/2003 David Truan The Perfect Day
1/06/2007 Ken Swiger The Three W's
1/20/2007 Wade Johnson The Vine, the Veil, the Rock, and the Lamb
1/31/2004 Ken Swiger The Word of Truth
10/15/2005 Wade Johnson The Fall of Satan
10/21/2006 Glen Leslie The Feast of Thanksliving
12/10/2005 Wade Johnson The Way
3/31/2007 Ken Swiger There's Something Wrong with You
08/20/2005 Ken Swiger Things We Wish We'd Said
6/7/2008 Ken Swiger Through the Storm
11/1/2003 David Truan Tithing
5/3/2003 Patrick Hinds Tithing
David Truan
9/13/2007 Ken Swiger Trumpets 2007
9/30/2008 Ken Swiger Trumpets 2008
9/23/2006 David Truan Trumpets 2006
11/10/2007 Glen Leslie Uncommon Sense
7/14/2007 Ken Swiger Unity
10/29/2005 David Truan Useful to God
8/7/2004 Ken Swiger Vacation Bible School - God Loves Us!
7/31/2004 Patrick Hinds Vacation Bible School - Moses
1/19/2008 Ken Swiger Victim or Victor
3/25/2006 Glen Leslie Wash Your Robes
4/14/2007 Ken Swiger Wave Sheaf and Pentecost
02/03/2007 Glen Leslie We Want Our King Back
10/16/2004 Ken Swiger We're Not Lords Over God's Heritage
03/26/2005 David Truan What Are We to Do?
8/25/2007 Wade Johnson What Is Truth?
5/15/2004 David Truan What is Your Perspective?
3/11/2007 David Truan What Motivates You?
3/11/2006 David Truan What Would You Do?
11/18/2006 Guy Swenson What Did Jesus Do?
4/18/2009 David Truan What's Your Vision?
5/24/2008 David Truan Where Do You Sit?
4/24/2004 Patrick Hinds Where were the Apostles Today?
Ken Swiger
8/5/2006 Ken Swiger Why?
3/22/2008 Ken Swiger Words Regretted
12/29/2007 Ken Swiger Work
5/26/2007 Wade Johnson Worship
1/3/2009 Wade Johnson Your Focus in National Crises

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